Joya Shoes - the most comfortable shoes in the world

Experience a new way of walking with Joya Shoes incorporating Swiss technology and good design. Joya Shoes are soft and comfortable from the moment you slip them on.

To show how comforable Joya Shoes are compared to others, we tested several shoes in our laboratory focusing on comfort and pressure. We put them under various stress conditions and the results are shown below. As you can see, the average shoe results in a hard impact causing pressure points on the foot (shown in red). Joya Shoes have no harsh impact points and result in a smooth landing for the foot.

Joya shoes are therefore the most comfortable shoes, because of the soft sole providing a sole with no pressure points.

Joya Shoe
Comfortable shoe - Joya

Rolling Shoe
Comfortable shoe - rolling shoe

Normal ShoeUncomfortable shoe - normal

Sports Shoe
Uncomfortable shoe - sports

Measurement scale: Blue represents pleasant and smooth movement, red shows uncomfortable pressure points.

Softest, most comfortable shoes in the world

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Joya Shoes - The softest, most comfortable leather shoe in the world! Comfortable footwear, Swiss shoe to improve posture, balance, health and general well being.
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The softest, most comfortable shoes are also perfect pain relief footwear for problems like heel spurs, back ache, ankle pain, leg pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, diabeties feet, poor circulation, edema, body pain.
Comfort footwear also great as walking shoes, running shoes, jogging shoes, pilates shoes, yoga shoes, gym shoes, zumba shoes, exercise shoes and workout shoes. Comfortable pregnancy shoes.
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