Care instructions

Joya Shoes, with their cutting edge, unique sole technology, are an A1 quality product. To gain maximum, long term benefit from your shoes, we recommend that you read the Joya Care Instructions carefully. Click here to read some FAQs.

Information about the Leather

Joya Shoes are made from the best quality, highest value leather. Being a natural product, leather is susceptible to scratches and water damage. To avoid abrasion when cleaning, only use a soft brush and also only use good quality leather care products. Please also note that leather can fade and lose the original colour, especially when exposed to excessive sunlight and moisture. (We also use synthetic leather occasionally, as shown in the product specification.)

Characteristics of the Sole

The sole is wrapped in a Micro-Protective-Skin. This extremely thin and highly elastic skin protects the soft elastic core sole which gives you that wonderful, sinking-in feeling. Although the skin is very tough, please be aware of this membrane and avoid walking on harsh, unnatural surfaces. The Joya sole has a normal life span of about 4 million steps, depending on your body weight and surfaces walked on.

Important Care Instructions

Prevent contact with chemicals (disinfectants, thinners, acids, oils, blood, etc.), also avoid fertilizers and other chemical substances.
Turn wet Joya Shoes on their side and let them dry at room temperature. To avoid damage, do not expose them to extreme heat.
Avoid walking on sharp objects. Also avoid puncturing the Micro-Protective-Skin.
Do not wash Joya Shoes in your washing machine. Wash them with a sponge using warm water. (max. 30 degrees).
Please clean Joya Shoes as soon as possible to avoid stains. Please also avoid excessive exposure to water and prevent water entering the inner sole.