The Joya team and other experts answer some questions about the use and application of Joya Comfort Shoes.

What’s the difference between Joya and rocker sole shoes?
Joya shoes have an extremely soft, internationally patented midsole design that is perfectly flat with the ground when you are standing. There is no “learning curve” associated with standing or walking in Joya shoes. Many popular rocker sole shoes have a curved (elliptical), rigid midsole that forces the body to balance on a “pivot-point”. Walking in rocker sole shoes can take a little bit of practice. Joya are comfort shoes that are flat, flexible, lighter weight, streamlined, flexible and more progressive looking — where many rocker sole shoes are toning/corrective shoes that are elliptical, rigid, heavier, (sometimes) clunky and more orthopedic looking.

How long will the soft feeling of Joya shoes last?
The unique Joya midsole is constructed from dual-density, highly resilient polyurethane (PU) foam. In lab testing, the Joya midsole held up to 4 million full compressions before the foam started measurably losing some of its resilience. For the average wearer, Joya shoes should last about 2 years. Other factors including weight, amount of walking done daily, and walking surfaces can affect the life span of a Joya shoe.

What happens if my Joya shoes get wet?
The unique Joya midsole is encased and baked in a protective membrane developed by 3M. The membrane creates a protective barrier against water. If the shoes get water inside the shoe, allow the inside of the shoe to dry fully before wearing them again. Avoid exposure to grease, oil, solvents and petrochemicals, as these substances my attack the shoe.

Can Joya Shoes be resoled?
Yes. A good shoe repair facility can grind the outer sole down to 1mm depth and apply a new outer sole. If the shoe is completely worn through the outer sole, it may not be possible to resole your shoes.

Is there a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship?
There is a six-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, excluding normal wear-and-tear. If there is an obvious manufacturer’s defect, the shoe will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The shoe must be returned to the original retailer, with proof of purchase. Extreme wear and tear, exposure to petrochemicals, acids or solvents, or personally damaged shoes are not considered manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship.

We ask you to please let us know about your experiences with Joya Comfort Shoes, and very much appreciate your feedback. Write to us at info@futurefootwear.com.au