Joya benefits

Joya Shoes – A new Generation of Comfortable Shoes

Joya Shoes, engineered by the Swiss Inventors of the MBT shoes, have taken a new approach and created the new brand “Joya Shoes”. Compared to rocker shoes, Joya Shoes work with the new and unique “Soft Sole Technology”. The soft sole makes you walk the natural heel to toe way. The soft sole dramatically reduces impact and jarring on the body. It also gives you better posture due to the natural instability of the soft, cushion sole. At the same time Joya Shoes exercise the core and abdominal muscles. Over all, Joya Shoes are more user friendly than rocker shoes. You don’t need to train yourself to use them because they feel great right from the start.

According to a recent study, the soft, supple structure of the sole makes it likely that more effort will be required, more energy burned and the muscles will work harder. Some people even claim that Joya Shoes are an anti cellulite shoe, convinced that the shoes have helped melt away the cellulite.

Joya Shoes – the sole is incredibly soft and comfortable

A world’s first – active air pump

Never before has a shoe had so much fresh air pumped into it – with every step taken. A clever system of air ducts in the soles pumps large amounts of air into the shoes’ interior; they also absorb and remove any moisture which might form.

Always fresh – thanks to Joya Shoe’s active air pump