Joya history

Joya Comfort shoes originate from the small, serene town of Roggwil in Switzerland, nestled on the lake of Constance. Karl Mueller Jr. is the son of Karl Mueller Sr., the Swiss engineer who invented MBT footwear and sold the company in 2006. From Roggwil, Karl Mueller Jr. and Claudio Minder run the company together: “Our true inspiration is when people wear our shoes and pleasantly rediscover the happiness and joy of walking.”

Young entrepreneurs Claudio Minder and Karl Mueller

In late 2008, the two launched Joya in their dormitory in Roggwil. Karl wanted to develop a shoe that provided the same benefits as MBT, but without the elliptical chunkiness and “learning curve” and in a more lightweight progressive flexible design; a shoe that would instantly provide a sensation of emotional well-being and joy.

“Through our efforts and commitment, we also seek to motivate younger generations to take on responsibility and challenge, to be entrepreneurial and to live their values and dreams.”