Sole technology

In Joya Shoes, Karl Müller developed a holistic activity concept. The main difference to all previous exercise and therapy methods is its simple integration into everyday life. Joya Shoes strengthen your deep muscles, relax your back and reduce stress on your joints.

Joya Shoes are manufactured using the highest quality materials. The Joya sole is therefore very flexible and lightweight but hard wearing. It will take at least four million steps before the high tech material wears out.

Joya Shoes activate the whole body and give you a new walking experience. Based on a recent study, the soft, supple structure of the sole makes it likely that more effort will be required, more energy burned and the muscles will get more exercise.

Here you can see the secret of the Joya Shoe sole.

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Joya is not only unbelievably soft, it also puts a spring in your step just like a trampoline, so you’ll experience a floating sensation that you’ll fall in love with. More than just “Joya gives you wings!” – the next best thing to actually flying!