November 2017
Hi Bruno, I would like to thank you for your very helpful service and Joya shoes for alleviating the effects of Plantar Fasciitis my wife is suffering. Basically the Joya shoes have been wonderful to the extent where the pain experienced prior is a non entity now. Well done! Fantastic
Tony B.

June 2017
I have just received my order, Mustang Night men’s dress shoes and first, I’m very impressed with how quickly they got to me. I read all of your testimonials prior to purchasing and whilst I believed they were all genuine took them with a grain of salt as you do with online testimonials. Well, I’m here to add to them! I put the shoes on and instantly felt a wave of relief from pain and the tension that accompanies pain. My feet don’t hurt (spurs) my walking gait feels more natural and I’m certain in time these shoes will help with the pain and dysfunction I am experiencing in my knees. I don’t want to take these shoes off!! Seriously. My partner is laughing at me. I can’t wait to try them at work. I stand all day and by the end of my shift my feet are killing me etc. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times. These shoes will help tremendously.

Thank you for your product and the technology in them. As soon as I can I’m going to order a casual pair so that I never have to be out of my Joya’s!
Ron T.

April 2017
Many thanks Bruno for the photo of the new sole. I’ll seriously consider it as a replacement for my Lugano shoes. They have been great though, the Joya Technology has been wonderful for helping me recover from planter fasciitis from over a year ago. Feet feel 100% now and Joya shoes are the only ones I ever wear now and probably ever will. I definitely recommend them to others in my hiking group. I plan on coming to Sydney soonish so will pay you a visit at Mona Vale and try out some new shoes. Thank you.
Craig T.

June 2016

I have had a heel spur for sometime and Joya shoes are the only shoes I can wear. I will go and get another pair for winter now as the Summer sandals have carried me through the last 3 months….everyday!!
Jennifer T.

September 2015
Hello, I came in to your shop earlier this year and bought a pair of the brown women’s shoes. We were gong to Europe and doing a lot of walking. I have had Achilles and plantar facia problems for years. I want to tell you that I walked for miles and never experienced a sore foot once!
Alison W.

June 2015
Thank you, I’ve just received my Joya shoes and they feel fantastic, I can actually walk with no pain.
Possibly look into another pair if these continue to be as good as they initially appear!
Barbara J.

January 2015
Good morning, I received my shoes yesterday afternoon and they fit well and are so comfortable and good to walk on without the pain in the soles of my feet. Thanking you, walking at last.
John N.

December 2014
On a personal note the shoes help me enormously and I find that the Joya shoes take away 50-75 % of my knee pain.
It’s all about physics and ground reaction forces jarring a joint, lacking in shock absorbing, articular cartilage. The opposite is bare feet or even worse is hard leather shoes.
I am recommending Joya shoes to any patient with lower limb joint pain (hip,knee, foot and ankle) and also anyone who has had a joint replacement,
I agree they are useful for soft tissue problems as well such as plantar fasciitis.
Dr Tom Cross – Sports Physician

November 2014
Alexander R. – Tasmania

July 2014
I won’t be buying any other brand…..These shoes are the best – esp. for plantar fasciitis issues and bad knees. I mobilise so much better – supported & comfortable. Enjoying my walks again!!! I’ve got my two adult sons in them too – very happy. Thank you Joya.
Annie W.

June 2014
I have no cartilage in my left ankle from a lifetime as a distance runner and have not been able to walk without pain for 14 years. Running is out of the question. After a few days getting used to the Joya shoes I can only say, I am genuinely astonished. I can walk without pain and my gait is normal, ie no limp. I was sure I’d never walk normally again.
John G.

April 2014
Hi Bruno,
Just wanted to let you know how awesome I am finding my new shoes – I work full time at a busy supermarket and walk what feels like a million miles every day, and have had chronic heel pain and plantar fasciitis for months – have been using custom orthotics and expensive shoes but the pain was still increasing, especially towards the end of my working week.
The Joya shoes arrived in the mail on Thurs and I picked them up on my way to work (I was already in quite a bit of pain in my work shoes). I put the Joya shoes on when I got to work and the relief was immediate!! I told 2 of my workmates and showed them the shoes, and they both tried them on too, and loved them as well.. I worked 8 and 1/2 hours that day and even though my feet were still tender, it was nothing compared to normal. I had Good Friday off work then worked a 10 hour shift today, and the difference is nothing short of amazing, the heel pain has eased at least 80%.
I am so grateful I stumbled across your website, and made the decision to purchase the shoes – I’m already saving up for my next pair!!
Karen L.

April 2014
Can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found Joya Shoes! Every step was painful until I started wearing The World’s Softest Shoes: now I can walk quite lengthy distances in pain free comfort. The sizing is amazing, many styles have adjustable straps for perfect fit and the cost is very reasonable for a quality pair of shoes. Thanks so much Bruno – there are now 4 pairs of Joyas in my wardrobe and I’m sure there will be more!
Elaine M.

February 2014
Hi Bruno,
I just wanted to let you know that I wore my new Joya shoes today to work for the first time and it was the best day I have had in months on my feet. I am not saying that I had no pain at all in my heel but the difference was very noticeable. Thanks so much. I did so much research before finding these shoes. Word needs to get out for all the other people who are suffering with plantar fasciitis or other problems that cause walking to be very painful. I know I will definitely be recommending Joya shoes to anyone I know that has sore feet.
Denise S.

February 2014
Hi Bruno,
I just wanted to say how much I love my new Joya shoes. They are so light and I really love the stability, it has really reduced a lot of the pain I was experiencing in some areas of my foot with some of my MBTs with significant rocker bottom soles. It takes experimenting to find the perfect fit and I think I have found it now!
Fiona W.

October 2013
I work as an RN and suffered from plantar fasciitis for 5 years. I tried different expensive shoes, gel runners but they offer no relief. Also spent $ to podiatrist for customised insoles with no relief as well. Until I stumble upon Joya webpage. Since using my Marilyn shoes at work, I no longer come home from work with sore heels nor taking pain relief everyday. I just ordered my 2nd Joya shoes. Thank you Joya and the customer service is great.

October 2013
Hi Bruno, I have had a pair of Joya shoes for about 3 weeks now. I still don’t know whether to laugh or cry.!! The difference these shoes have made to my life is incredible. I have seen 3 podiatrists just this year and nothing has given me relief like these shoes. I have actually not worn my orthotics at all and I have been heavily dependant on them for nearly 30 years. I only ever want to wear Joya shoes for the rest of my life, they are that good. Can you please tell me what other shoe ( runner ) has the same insole/ heel support as the Marilyn in your range. I already have the Marilyn and just want the same magic from a different style. Thank you.
Samantha L.

October 2013
I’ve just returned from a 4 week holiday in Europe where I walked miles every day in my Joya Shoes. I didn’t have one day of pain or discomfort.
I’d recommend them to anyone needing good walking shoes for travel.
Sue S.

September 2013
Just a note to tell u that these shoes are the best I’ve ever worn. I have very painful feet and these shoes, no pain. These shoes are but a miracle, so much so I have order another. My work mate has ordered some as well after trying mine on. I can now walk, run and even dance around. Thank u so much, they are a joy to wear.
Robyn K.

June 2013
Working in health care, I was experiencing for more than a year foot pain (fasciitis) and was told this pain was part of getting older. Being an active person I was upset at limiting my walking and dancing because of foot pain. I tried reflexology, foot exercises and continued with orthotics but the pain persisted. I was very surprised when after two weeks of wearing Joya shoes the fascia pain decreased and in three weeks the pain had gone completely. I can now jump out of bed in the morning and stand on my feet without discomfort. I have since learned that the Joya shoes helped me to “walk softly” so enabling the fascia to heal. There is no need to accept foot pain as part of getting older – its a matter of finding what assists the fascia to heal. I wear my Joya shoes most days and am really happy that I can continue to dance, walk and run without pain.
Andrea. D.

June 2013
Hi Bruno,
Thought I’d post a message also about my Icon Fire shoes.
I’ve just got back from an unexpected 2 week trip to Berlin. I took my Icon Fire Joya shoes and wore them every day. I walked miles on cobblestones, thru parks, uneven footpaths, etc. and my Joya shoes were soft and comfortable all day long. I didn’t have any foot or leg ache, no blisters or discomfort.
They have been my gym shoes for the past 2 years and now they are my walking shoes.
I have another trip coming up later this year to Europe and will wear my Joya shoes again, plus I’ll need to get a pair for my husband – in fact, everyone should get a pair of Joya shoes.
They are fantastic!!!
Sue S.

June 2013
I was in Mona Vale last July, and came in you store, as I have had 3 back operations. I bought a pair as you had them on sale. They are wonderful, best pair of shoes I’ve had, I have stopped using my walking stick, as when I trip I don’t fall anymore. I will be in Sydney next month, hoping you have some on sale. Regards
Mary G.

June 2013
Hi Bruno – thought I’d post a message on Facebook for a change. I was on my feet all day shifting equipment and tidying the office where I work. I wore the Icon Fires shoes and did not have sore feet at the end of the day! These shoes are astonishingly good!! If I had worn my other shoes I would definitely have had aching feet. My boss very kindly is allowing me to wear the runners at work which I have very happy about. I have also pinned up some of your pamphlets in the Student Kitchen as many of our students are studying to become nurses and may be interested in purchasing your marvellous shoes.
Shani C.

May 2013
Hi Bruno
I just wanted to touch base to thank you and your team for their wonderful service. I purchased a pair of your runners last week however when they arrived I realised I need a half size up. I rang your store and spoke to the girl, deciding to exchange the runners for a larger size and a slightly different style. There was no issue doing this and I received the runners today and am very happy with them.
I have tendon/ligament problems that can cause both feet to dislocate so I have to be careful finding shoes that won’t aggravate the issue. The shoes are beautiful to walk on and they look particularly stylish too. I have been telling my friends and work colleagues about your site so hopefully they will purchase from you too.
Thank you again – your shoes are 11 out of 10!
Shani C

January 2013
Cannot thank you enough!
Hi Jenny T here just inquiring about Gym shoes the ones I have looked at online do not come in my size 42 1/3 the red and black ones, and is there any other colour choices? I might add that I absolutely LOVE your shoes bought a pair of Monte Carlos for work my feet have never felt so good.{I have heal spurs 2 on each heal}I work in hospitality and stand on my feet for up to 12hrs a day they are a true god send to me.I have been to poditrists for some years and they have never helped me just ripped me off by buying the hard orthotics that were to hard to walk on even though I tried but by the end of the day I would be in agony.I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH yours sincerely
Jennifer T

September 2012
Bruno, just wanted to let you know that the shoes arrived early this morning and are a great fit. I have been wearing them around the house and, although at first I was a bit wobbly on the bouncy air soles, I adapted quickly! My orthotic fits in well and they are amazingly light and comfortable. Just what I wanted for walking the cobble stones of Europe. They will be the perfect travel shoes.
Thank you for your prompt attention – I feel much more confident about purchasing online and will visit the Joya site quite regularly.
Kindest regards,

June 2012
Since buying my first pair Cuba Brown shoes they have carried me softly and comfortably everywhere. I have climbed hills, explored caves and followed river valleys with great success and comfort. Walking has always been enjoyable but my Cuba Browns have been an absolute JOY. Many thanks Bruno for introducing me to JOYA shoes.

June 2012
I got joya shoes and it felt so good on my feet. Standing for 8 hours and lots of walking as a nurse i used to sit after work and feel pain in my foot and is killing me and dont want to get up again but not now as joya shoes help my feet. I go home now without sore foot and legs. It just feel amazing. I love being a nurse and helping people, and thanks joya for helping me . Recommended for nurses!
P. D. Williams

June 2012
I wish to say that since wearing my Joya shoes I am more stable on my feet I made a mistake & recently purchased a pair of Ecco shoes on sale & there is no comparison I have realized Joya are the right shoes for me.
J. Natoli

May 2012
My mum, who wares Miami Blueberry sport shoes on her walks, always returns home feeling great and raving about Joya. Eventually I decided to get the Star Black shoes for school as they are leather fully closed shoes and fill all the requirements. Now the two of us shorties an inch or two on our height they are the best shoes I have ever worn to school and I love them

February 2012
Thank you Bruno for introducing me to Joya shoes. After wearing them for a few weeks,I can not believe the difference in my feet and legs. After standing on them for 52 years hairdressing I had a lot of pain and discomfort. To my amazement, the relief is unbelievable and feel I can go on working a little longer. I will certainly be recommending Joya shoes to my clients and friends. Thank you again Joya Shoes.

February 2012
Thanks for taking the time to help me find the right style & size. After just a couple weeks of wearing the shoes for nursing aged care work, the pains in my feet, knees and lower back stopped completely. Gone are the days of anti inflammatories, visits to the doctor and I don’t need orthopedics. I feel younger, pain free, fitter & happier. I can even wear other shoes without pain. But I always return to Joya. THANK YOU!

January 2012
Thank you for your wonderful shoes my husband and I are walking everywhere, no more sore feet, enjoying getting out once more. Thanks

January 2012
I work in hospitality and have had foot and back pain for years until I bought a pair of Joya shoes. No more foot pain. Thanks so much.

January 2012
Thank you so much for our shoes they are so comfortable, been searching for ages to find a shoe that does not make my feet ache, Thanks.

January 2012
Dear Bruno,
I apologise for this long time coming response, however it hasn’t been far from my mind. I would just like to commend you on your wonderful service.
On receiving my first order from you I found the shoes I ordered were the incorrect size. I hadn’t allowed for my bunions so I ordered two sizes up which you
promptly sent to me with no extra postal charge. I received them and they fit just right. I then sent the original pair back. I received very courteous treatment
when phoning to explain the situation. Just to let you know I really appreciated your caring service. I’m loving the shoes and I am happy to pass on information
to all who ask about the Joya shoes.
Many thanks

October 2011
I work in retail and therefore I’m on my feet all day. By the end of the day I constantly had pain in my feet. I’ve tried all sorts of “comfort” shoes and eventually found Joya Shoes. They felt great right from the start and the soft sole seems to take the load of your feet. Great shoes and great value for money. Thanks to Joya from my feet.

August 2011
Thought I would email you to commend you on your prompt service.
The shoes arrived this morning which was fantastic.
I have already walked 6.2k in them today.Not something I could ever do in any other pair of shoes. They are just fantastic and I am hoping my ankle and knee problem will be eased by the wearing of these shoes.
Now I will have to save up for another pair and will definitely be spreading the word about these wonderful shoes. Fantastic quality too.
Carol D

June 2011
I waited till I had worked a busy clinic on a couple of days before contacting you. The JOYA SHOES are fantastic I finish the shift without sore or tired feet. and the MBT’s are great for walking and doing the house work. Thank you for the great service and I will be back for Joya summer shoes later in the year. Good value for money as well.
D. Heys

May 2011
Read this review written by Cam White, an independent footwear retailer in Texas who specialises in pain free footwear …

He also writes about heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and foot pain in general.

March 2011
I stumbled across Future Footwear by accident on the Web trying to find a miracle that would help my Heel spurs, Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction and Plantar Fasciitis.
I was very skeptical at first after spending so…..much money on Podiatry – Custom made orthotics, shoes recommended from certain shoe stores, physiotherapy, weekly feet massages and then Custom made shoes all with all no improvement if anything it became very chronic where I was unable to walk any distance at all without being in chronic pain and was considering Surgery as my next option.
I purchased a pair online knowing about their return policy and hoping once again I had not wasted more money.
Well I would HIGHLY recommend JOYA shoes to anyone they certainly live up every expectation and much more and do everything they claim. After wearing Joya Shoes for less than a week all my symptoms and pain improved immensely and in no time I was online again purchasing many more styles and even brought a pair for my husband who is now addicted.
They are the most amazing shoes I’ve ever worn, you must give these shoe a try you honestly having nothing to lose but the pain and soreness in your feet.
I’m so…grateful!
My HAPPY FEET can’t Thank Joya and Future Footwear enough….
Katrina B.

“The shoes arrived before 8am today and they fit and are extremely comfortable/amazing for walking.
Thank you again for your professionalism and efficiency.”
John T.

“I’m 85 and walk 3 times a week in my Joya Shoes. They are soft and comfortable and a pleasure to wear. They would have to be the best comfort shoe around.”

“My back and hip pain has just about gone since wearing my Joya Shoes. I was spending a fortune on osteo treatment, but don’t need to go now. I swear by my Joya Shoes and recommend them to anyone who’ll listen! Incredibly comfortable and soft so I can wear them all day. Just amazing.”
March 2011